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We are all inches from the ground

Inches from the ground

For the first time in the lifetime of many Americans, the Middle Class now makes up less than half of the US population.

At the same time, working people are working longer and longer hours, because for 35 years Reaganomics has transferred their wealth to the richest Americans.

We're losing an average of 14 factories, and all of their jobs, EVERY DAY thanks to our insane trade policies.

All those factories closing down has led to an increase in crime and drug abuse across former industrial centers like Detroit and Baltimore, and across huge swaths of the Deep South, Appalachia, and beyond.

As Bernie Sanders reveals, the real rate of YOUTH unemployment alone in the United States is at depression levels.

That's right, more than half of black youth and over a third of both Hispanic and white youths in America were unemployed over the past year.

So it really shouldn't come as any surprise that nearly one out of every four American families has no net worth. Or, worse, they're buried in debt. And, more than half of all Americans are one serious illness or job-loss away from disaster and homelessness.

Those are alarming statistics. But what's really problematic, is that the corporate media won't talk about it.

Which is a giant gift to the Republican Party - the corporate party. 

It's time that the media start LISTENING to what people actually care about: the American middle class being eaten alive by the top 1 percent. - See more at: has lost 143,384 manufacturing jobs since 2008

Korea gets a manufacturing job every 16 mins.

China get a manufacturing job every 30 seconds

Since 1993, every 2 mins America losses a manufacturing job to China, Korea or India

and 14 factories a day are closed due to #freetrade